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Infrastructure empowering the Sia storage network

About the Sia network

Sia is a decentralized storage network that encrypts, splits and uploads data redundantly to a network of hundreds of hosts offering their unused disk space. Sia creates a marketplace that matches users requiring cloud storage with these hosts located in more than 60 countries.

File storage contracts and transactions are secured by blockchain tecnology, ensuring that contract conditions are indelible and transactions immutable.

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The mission of Keops

Keops is an independent organization devoted to provide critical infrastructure to the Sia network: blockchain explorers, APIs for developers and users, network analysis, data intelligence and other software solutions.

By offering the Sia network these mission-critical resources, we aim to promote the growth and adoption of Sia, while keeping its values of transparency and decentralization

Our impact

The Keops developments and solutions

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Charts and metrics for the Sia network

SiaStats tracks metrics and statistics about every aspect of the Sia network, including: mining metrics, hosts distribution and centralization, storage marketplace statistics, transactions or file contracts sucess rate. Additionally it offers a complete blockchain explorer for Sia users and multiple APIs for developers. SiaStats is the cornerstone of the Keops mission of providing network analysis for developers and end users.

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Contracts micromanaging and security for renters

Decentralizer is an intuitive companion app that allows Sia renters to select their hosts according to performance, geolocation, pricing, or manual criteria. It allows them to prevent single entities controlling multiple hosts. It also adds a layer of security by protecting renters from dangerous hosts and Sybil attacks. Free and open source.

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Trans-network statistics of the Sia forks

Pan-Sia shows unbiased and verifiable data about the key parameters of the storage marketplaces and mining networks of all the Sia forked networks. The code of the data collector is open source, providing auditability to these statistics.

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An advanced blockchain explorer, free and open source

A full and comprenhensive Sia blockchain explorer, including features as file contracts breakdown, batch of addresses search, and analysis of host's contracts. It represents also the core technology powering the rest of the Keops developments.

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24/7 hosts network monitoring and benchmarking

The Hosts Monitor of SiaStats keeps track of every host on the Sia network and benchmarks their performance with a multi-region mesh of evaluator nodes. Renters can discover the hosts best suited for their storage needs. Host operators can track their performnace and receive email or smartphone alerts whenever their hosts run into issues. Contact us for accessing our advanced APIs.

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