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Decentralize your list of hosts

Protect yourself against sybil attacks

What is Decentralizer?

Centralization can become an issue for both the Renters and the Sia network as a whole. Single entities ("farms") controlling multiple hosts reduce the geographic dispersion of the data and expose renters to accidental data loss if all the hosts of a farm big enough suffer an outage. Moreover, evil entities can perform a "Sybil attack" by faking alternative identities and IPs for their hosts, performing afterwards an itentional outage or requesting an ransom for the data.

Decentralizer is a tool that revises your file contracts, detects hosting farms by geolocation and eliminates contracts formed with them, in a transparent and user-controllable fashion. After removing these contracts, your Sia client will automatically form replacements contracts with alternative hosts.


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After the initial geolocation of your list of hosts, Decentralizer extends the search by using data provided by SiaStats monitors the network and tracks farms over time using advanced algorithms that detect farms even if they use sophisticated decoy strategies.

If hosts change their geolocation or IP, or attempt to use a VPN to mask themselves, SiaStats can keep tracking them. Even if they deliberately attemp to be unreachable, hosts can't hide from SiaStats monitoring.

Discover what SiaStats knows about the current Sia hosting farms here

As easy as 1-2-3

1- Open a command line prompt on the folder where Decentralizer is located

If using Command Prompt in Windows, remove the "./" from the following commands.


2- Type ./decentralizer scan

The list of contracts belonging to hosting farms will be displayed.


3- Type ./decentralizer remove auto

Decentralizer will cancel your Sia contracts with every farm, leaving only one contract per farm. Alternatively, use ./decentralizer remove x to remove individual contracts manually (where "x" is the host number).


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Free, open source and cross-platform

Sia version 1.3.4 or above required

Sounds too complex? Try "D1c"

D1c: Decentralizer 1-click

This simplified version removes all the contracts formed with dangerous hosting farms (as those attempting a Sybil attack) identified by SiaStats. Just click on the executable file and confirm the action. In less than 5 seconds. No fusses. No command lines.

(If you want to remove also contracts with non-attacking farms or more manual control, use Decentralizer instead)