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Trans-network statistics of the Sia forks

During 2018, the Sia network forked into four different projects, with independent developing teams, blockchains and storage marketplaces. Amidst an environment of competition and claims about the levels of support between the projects, pan-Sia shows unbiased and verifiable data about the key parameters of their storage marketplaces and mining networks. The code of the data collector is open source (see below), providing auditability to these statistics.

The shown data from the storage marketplaces data corresponds to hosts online and accepting contracts. For Sia, only hosts using version 1.3.7 or above are considered. For SiaClassic, only hosts using version 1.3.5 or below are considered. Data is updated every 30 minutes.

Used storage -

Total network storage -

Active hosts number -

Total hashrate -

Summary table

Network Block Height Version used Used storage Hosts Est. Hashrate
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More advanced statistics

Source code + APIs

Source code
API: current statistics
API: evolution of statistics