A letter to the SCP community

Today I was informed by several people that the ScPrime project leadership has declared that I am the person behind an irrelevant Reddit account. This was followed by the same leadership initiating a campaign to reveal my identity ( pic & pic) , my personal life ( pic) and encouraging people to harass me ( pic). People has experienced a nauseating show with users allowed to threaten my family ( pic) or drooling with the idea of the money they can get from suing me according to the way I dress in a Twitter pic ( pic). Apparently, the ultimate reason of the suing is getting some media exposure ( pic). For other people, attacking me is a weapon for attacking the Sia project indirectly ( pic). The rationale of the sue and how suing me provides media exposure remains mysterious to me...

Obviously, I am not the person behind that Reddit account, nor I have any relation with him. Anyone that has known me for the last few years can assess his are neither the kind of arguments I make nor the way I defend them. My Reddit handler is u/aerrejon, @hakkane#0489 is my Discord’s, and you will not find me anywhere else nor using alternative accounts. Sadly, I can’t post this letter or my answers on the SCP social media channels, as I was banned long ago ( pic) and even if I made a new account, it would be ineffectual, as these channels remain heavily moderated.

No one likes reckless attacks towards crypto projects, as those from the Reddit account I am being associated with. Rest assured I don’t like them either. But in crypto we are not alien to them – spend 5 minutes around and you’ll find them everywhere. The usual way to address them is ignoring this people. Some might decide to answer the arguments if the attacker has somehow a valid point. Spending endless hours and days obsessively talking about those attacks and guessing who that person can be is perplexing, and an error of public communication you won’t expect from the leadership/CEO of a company. But we could say it is still a human reaction. However, pointing out other people as responsible without solid ground is morally wrong, allowing hate comments on social media you moderate is a TOS violation, and doxing and promotion of hate are probably a crime.

The leadership of ScPrime, aka FaustianAGI, claims to have evidence that the Reddit account in question is me, based on English grammar mistakes typical of non-native English speakers. For a starter, this is plainly racist. It is also a “sin” shared by 6 billion people on Earth plus many other actual native speakers. He used for his case my wrong spelling of “bussiness” ( pic). Shame on me for the misspell, hang me if you wish, but a quick search on the Sia Discord (where the misspell is) shows I am indeed not the only one needing a rope on his neck ( pic), reveling the weakness of the argument. This do-it-yourself linguistic analysis is a dangerous game because we can find that another of the specific words the leadership highlights in his screenshots, “slander”, is in fact exclusively used by himself on the SCP Discord ( pic). Using the same logics, should we conclude that FaustianAGI is the person behind that Reddit account? Should we follow up by claiming this is all an operation made by the leadership to create a strawman enemy to beat? Even worst, this is not the first time the leadership has accused someone of being behind that account, as a long list of people had that “privilege” in the past ( pic). Moreover, the leadership even entertains the idea of several people controlling that account at the same time ( pic). To put it in in mild words, the accusation has been quite flexible historically. And a convenient resource in times of need.

The feud of FaustianAGI towards me probably started the day he asked me to support the project before going public in 2018 and I rejected, following with a threatening that he would pay to copy my work ( pic). He literally did it, stealing unlicensed code of my authorship to try to recreate my website ( pic). In fact, past SCP core members have stolen entire blocks of my open source repositories for their tooling, not even respecting my authorship, a case of plagiarism (compare the “King of Hosts monitor” with my tool “Decentralizer-CLI” or “Sprimec” with my “Pan-Sia”). Nevertheless, a few months later I started supporting the project, as people I valued was implicated. I created the now defunct PrimeStats.info and provided vital data to the team, among other actions. As time passed by, however, the people I valued left, and a questionable expropriation of tokens was made. I left too, I wished everyone good luck (I still do, sincerely) and since then I have not talked in public positively or negatively about the project. The project leadership in the other hand continued for almost two years insulting me ( pic), threatening me ( pic), spreading baseless FUD about projects as pan-Sia ( pic and pic) and even accusing the pan-Sias's Fork Monitor of lying about the results of their recent blockchain fork ( pic) when the evidence of a concerning reorganization of 5 blocks was literally everywhere else ( pic). Today’s accusation is just the next episode of his personal vendetta.

I am considering options as taking legal actions against the person behind the FaustianAGI moniker for what is clearly a sustained online harassment. However, this is probably not going to be necessary, as I am certain the SCP community, which is bigger than its leadership, is going to deter these attitudes. Aside from the ethical and legal issues with the leadership’s behavior, there is a whole dimension to the problem that the SCP community is not going be ok with. What happens when a newcomer checks the #development channel of the SCP Discord and finds hundreds of messages and an endless debate about how to dox someone, rather than talking about actual development? What idea potential new investors, miners and host operators will get when they find the project leadership organizes doxing campaigns against people? Why new developers would consider joining the team or develop a third-party solution when they find out that the community is talking about how to make harm to the family of a former developer fellow? Why would all this people not run away immediately when they find the project leaders act as a gang of thugs? These are things that definitely can make a project to derail. Fortunately, not everyone on the community agrees with this behavior, including the people that has sent me screenshots over the last few years about what was being said against me (Including those I share today). The SCP community has invested time, support and money into the project, and I am certain they will not tolerate for much longer the community energy and resources to be embezzled towards the personal vendettas of the project leadership. And they will be heard, because otherwise they will start realizing they can’t support the project anymore.

In the meantime, Keops.cc will keep working towards its mission of providing tools, data and resources to the different Sia blockchains. Pan-Sia will keep presenting independent, unbiased and verifiable information about the different Sia blockchains, something of capital importance in the light of the recent events. Stay tuned for improvements and new data being presented in pan-Sia during 2021.

March 3rd, 2021

Addendum (16th March)

After the initial skepticism towards the proofs provided to associate me with that Reddit account, the leadership promised a professional forensic linguistic report to be presented over the following week. At the time of writing this, two weeks later, neither a report nor an apology for this episode have been presented. Sadly, this highlights the bad faith and malpractice of the ScPrime leadership once more.

Out of curiosity, I checked the posting activity of the polemic Reddit account and it hardly qualifies as “stalking” as the leadership claims: it has posted in just four SCP-related threads over the last three years. The Reddit account is not an issue, it is just an excuse for FaustianAGI to keep embezzling the community resources towards his personal vendettas. Claiming baselessly that Sia members are using anonymous alt accounts to stalk them is also hypocritical considering it is a common practice among their core team members: their community manager has been found to be trolling and trashing on the Sia Discord for months ( pic) and a former core developer recently confessed to do the same on Reddit ( pic).

To my knowledge, so far at least two important community members have left due to the management of these events. One of them after his posts were deleted by the leadership to give himself room for a monologue accusing me. Following a long tradition of censorship, some hours later his latest posts complaining about this were removed too. The other member is a high-profile independent developer that has collaborated with the team over the years, whose concerns were despotically dismissed ( pic).

The whole community of independent developers, miners, storage providers and investors is being kept as a hostage. They are being embezzled towards the personal agenda of the leadership rather than for the greater good of the project. It is clearly the time for the community to speak up and demand a change of leadership, or leaving a project with troublesome ethics.